Iran Uses Red China’s High-Tech Trucks to Put Down Protests

The folks over at’s Danger Room have posted an interesting article about advanced riot control trucks the Red Chinese have sold to the regime in Tehran to help them put down the opposition protesters there.

The idea that we’re ever going to secure the cooperation of the Chicoms in bringing economic pressure on the Ayatollahs is pure fantasy.

The name of the company that manufactures this vehicle is Dalian Eagle Sky Industries, Ltd., a company that has been around since 1952–in other words almost as long as Communist China has been around. In this case, communists embracing capitalism did not make them warm and fuzzy at all…

It appears that Dalian Eagle Sky is not publicly traded, which means that they almost certainly are a subsidiary of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA).

The Red Chinese are profiting from the Iranian regime’s brutality and oppression, not just with these trucks, but with all sorts of weapons contracts and oil and gas projects. Trying to get meaningful economic sanctions against Iran through the UN Security Council is a complete non-starter.

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