Stop threats for nuke deal: Ahmadinejad

Iran is ready to strike a uranium enrichment deal if the United States and the West respect the Islamic Republic and stop making threats, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says.

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  1. Dear Nasser,Indeed, I was not giving a free pass to the Green Movement. I was just talcikng the assumption that the Green Movement would somehow sell-out Iran. There is no reason to think as such. We do share similar views and I am glad that I am not alone!Dear pirouz_2,Come back when you have factual arguments and not a regurgitation of regime propaganda.Dear kooshy,1. It is absolutely true that the US, in the form of the Shah, retarded Iran’s political evolution, especially after 1953. However, this was the fault of the Shah – thus an Iranian problem – and not the fault of anyone else. In essence, don’t hate the player (the US); hate the game (international relations).2. Do you believe that Turkey’s standing has been reduced because of its relations with the US and especially Israel? I believe otherwise. I believe that Turkey has amply demonstrated a successful long-term strategy of conformity, without impeding sovereignty, and with an eventual desire of becoming a regional power (for now this is working). I believe that to an extent the Shah was on a similar path. Of course, the Shah did not nurture the domestic politics of Iran. But again, that was the fault of himself – an Iranian – and not anybody else.3. Again, I absolutely agree that Iran’s sovereignty should never be challenged. But let us be realistic. Look at South Korea, Japan, Germany and to a lesser extent Italy. They are economic powerhouses. They are significant political players. They are regional superpowers. Now look at Iran. Our economy is crumbling. We are constantly at the brink of war. Nobody listens to us. Our desire to become a leader of the third world is hardly succeeding and, if anything, we are only inspiring extremists in Somalia and Pakistan. Ferdowsi wrote his epic to emphasise the greatness of Iran. He did not write it as a policy of isolating Iran and giving Iran a bad name. Anyway, Iran’s constitution is loosely based on the French constitution (Arjomand); does that mean the IR sold Iran out?I believe that US-Iran relations will ultimately be rewarding for Iran. I would go further and say it is necessary. But it would need very careful management, which returns us to Ms Harper’s fundamental argument that Iran’s foreign policy has been a failure for a long time.

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