Osama bin Laden’s son tells of life in secret lair and claims his brothers are in Iran with knowledge of the regime

Six of Osama bin Laden’s sons have been living together in Iran for eight years – with the full knowledge of the regime, it was claimed yesterday.

The terror chief’s son Omar, who has a British wife, said the family phoned him from their secret compound near Tehran last month.


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  1. Excellent essay Ray! Hits it right on the head! Here’s an idea: I wonder if one could start a pailticol party in both Israel and Palestine that would essentially be one party but with both Jewish and Arab candidates, and would be committed to the above principles, treating all the violent players EQUALLY like criminals instead of militia. Such a party could emphasize the importance of human and family necessities, like shelter, property rights, health care, education, employment, and one fair and impartial legal system for all.Usually with two mutally hostile societies, this kind of thing comes about only after a brutal war, but wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the hundreds of thousands of dead, mutilated and traumatized for a change?

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