General Odierno: Iran Behind Violence in Iraq

General Odierno

In an interview with Voice of America News, General Raymond Odierno, Commanding General of Coalition/US forces in Iraq, has warned of threats to U.S. and Iraqi security forces emanating from extremists with ties to Iran:

“Many of them live in Iran, many of them get trained in Iran, and many of them get weapons from Iran.”

General Odierno said he believed the Qods Force, a branch of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, is involved in training and funding these militants: “So obviously there is some connection. Kata’ib Hezbollah specifically – we had significant threat warning from them about attacks on U.S. forces for varying reasons. I think they also, by the way, have conducted attacks against Iraqi security forces as well, and this is to create, I believe some type of instability and lack of confidence in the government of Iraq.”

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