Iran To Send Warships Near US Territorial Waters

Fresh on the heels of Iranian President Ahmadinejad visiting New York City for his annual United Nations/Columbia University junket, Iran says it could soon send a different set of visitors.

This time, the commander of Iran’s navy says he wants to send some of his warships on a deployment near US waters.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari (Looks to us like he needs a shave.)

Sayyari’s comments were echoed by the commander of the separate Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, who specified the Gulf of Mexico as the place where the Iranian Navy might deploy. Fadavi’s words came in response to a truly moronic US request to establish a “hotline” similar to the one linking Washington and Moscow to prevent any confrontation between US and Iranian forces from escalating. Who ever it was on our side who came up with that scheme should be keel-hauled.

Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi (At least this guy can grow a real beard.)

In order to deploy to the Gulf of Mexico, the Iranians would require logistical support, which would no doubt be provided by Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

Here are the reports from Iranian media:


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