Iran Sanctions Update

Here are two Reuters reports on the impact of sanctions on Iran. In the first article, sanctions are credited for lowering Iranian oil exports–at a time when oil is trading at very high levels indeed…

Iran oil exports fall as sanctions take toll

Iranian oil exports have fallen significantly in March, industry sources said on Friday, as some buyers stop or scale back purchases to abide by Western sanctions aimed at slowing Tehran’s nuclear program.

Crude exports from Iran appear to have fallen this month by around 300,000 barrels per day (bpd), or 14 percent

The second article is complete hogwash, claiming that sanctions aren’t just not doing any good, they’re making the Iranians mad and unpredictable. Where has the moron who wrote this screed been the last 30 years??? Are we just to go about business as usual while the Ayatollahs sponsor terrorism and build nuclear weapons???

Iran sanctions bring unintended, unwanted results

Western sanctions have so far failed to deter Iran from pursuing its nuclear program and their unexpected and unintended side-effects are producing a new collection of challenges. 
Meanwhile, many Iran-watchers, including some Western officials, worry that far from producing compliance, ratcheting up the economic pressure is making the Islamic Republic more volatile, unpredictable and perhaps dangerous.

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