Reza Kahlili at Iran Has Sleeper Cells in U.S. Ready to Attack

Just as many have suspected for several years or more, Iran likely has sleeper terrorist cells in the US, both in the form of Hezbollah terrorists and Pasdaran operatives. Their numbers likely reach into the thousands…

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  1. I do not believe there is anhityng we or any other outside nation can do to truly affect the changes in any other country. Think about it. Since WWII no place have we sent our young men and women to fight have we truly made a difference. In fact none of these places truly wanted us there, and by that I mean the people on the street, not the politcians and leaders. And no where have we won, even in Iraq. The only place we have been with any real legitimacy since WWII is Afghanistan and instead of completed our mission there were turned away to invade another nation for personal political reasons. No, we have no business trying to force our will on another nation. If we disagree with that nations government then put sanctions in place. Do not invade even by request. Too many of our young men and women have been sent to die for poitcal agendas under the guise of national interest.

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