A Truly Horrible Article on Israel and Iran from Catholic.org

Catholic.org has published a truly horrible article on the conflict between Iran and Israel: Israeli War with Iran May Be More Costly Than Believed.

In that article, the author makes specious assertions about what the Israeli government is telling its people and advises naively that Israel and the West can negotiate with the Iranian regime in good faith to find a peaceful settlement.

Has the person who wrote this article calculated the possible cost of a nuclear armed gang of Mullahs in Tehran? And if war with Iran is costly now, what would the cost be once Iran goes nuclear? Does anyone with a serious view really believe that it is possible to negotiate in good faith with the Ayatollahs after all these years?

To lump the democratically elected government in Israel with the despotic, terrorist regime in Iran as being equally “devil may care,” as the author explicitly states in the article, is totally irresponsible.

The article falsely asserts that the Israeli government is telling people that they have little to fear from a war with Iran. That is a total fabrication. No one in Israel has any illusions about war; they’ve lived it non-stop for decades, in all its forms, and no one is telling anyone that there is nothing to fear. On the other hand, the Israelis know that they have MORE to fear from a NUCLEAR Iran.

As a Catholic I am ashamed that this article appears on Catholic.org. Given the church’s shameful record in facilitating Nazi war criminals making their escape after World War II, it is highly disturbing to me to find an article on Catholic.org essentially equating the two sides-Israel and Iran–with one another.

Finally, when making up your own minds about whether or not Israel or other nations need to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power, consider that Iran considers Israel the Little Satan. America is the Great Satan. Iran has a national holiday called “Death to America Day.” Maybe that’s why they armed, trained and supplied Jihadists in Iraq and Afghanistan who killed US GIs. I for one am not comfortable with an Iran armed with atomic bombs.


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  1. Catholics, sadly, are among those ‘replacement theology’ religions who believe they have taken the place of the Jew as the apple of God’s eye….that God is done with the Jew and it is up to the edomites, Hagarenes and Ishmaelites to finish the job Hitler started…..damn, the catholics….mormons and all others who think and preach this way….

  2. It’s not fair or logical to overgeneralize all Catholics or Mormons in one group of idiots based on misguided writings. Any writing on the subject should come after devout prayer so that God may use the tools of communication through the writer. I do not believe this is what happened with this article. Edom, Esau, Ishmael and their descendants are minions of Satan if they follow i$lam. Writing about appeasement of the devil is just foolish. The descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the apple of God’s eye as stated in Deuteronomy and Zechariah. Whatever religion, stand with the ones who are the apple of God’s eye, by all means.

  3. Iran is not “going nuclear” and there is zero evidence of any nuclear weapons program in Iran. Iran’s nuclear program started before the Islamic Revolution, with the active support and encouragement of the West, because it makes economic sense. It is massively popular amongst ordinary Iranians who deeply resent foreign interference in tjeir affairs.

    • This is pure taqiyya. Iran’s nuclear program has all the hallmarks of a weapons program and none of the characteristics of a peaceful energy program. Iran’s uranium enrichment program is all out of proportion for that needed for an energy program. Statements by Iranian leaders in the early stages of this weapons program indicate that weaponry is what they were after from the start.

      Don’t bring your taqiyya here. We’ll be forced to expose you for the creep that you are hassani.

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